Did something to my recovery but I have no idea what


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Nov 24, 2009
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So I was going through the process of installing CWM on my phone. I've installed all the drivers and rebooted into recovery. I do the fastboot oem unlock and it says waiting for device. My roommate busts into my room saying he needs to borrow my phone really quick, grabs it and unplugs the cord. Well, I rebooted the phone to make sure it wasn't bricked and there was no unlocked logo at the bottom of the screen. Then when I rebooted into recovery, I get the logo of andy with a big red triangle caution sign. Freaking out a bit, I pushed the up/down buttons and the power buttons at the same time. I now have a slightly nandroid-ish screen (blue menu with the blue bar that highlights the selection) that just reads reboot system now, apply update from /cache, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition.

I have no idea how to fix this. Can anyone help?
You're back in the stock recovery - and if you didn't see the unlocked logo, just start over and you should be good.
It won't let me start over though. When I reboot my phone and use adb to reboot into recovery it just keeps giving me the red caution triangle over andy logo.
You need to start over completely - i.e. go back into the bootloader, unlock it, and fastboot flash recovery blabla.img . The red triangle/andy thing is just the "entrance" into the stock recovery.
I got that part. But how? Whenever I go back to the bootloader I get this picture. Not the typical andy bootloader picture. The commands don't work, fastboot oem unlock, etc, so I can't do anything from there. awesomehop.pngnexus-bootloader1-650x432.jpg
So any time you do "adb reboot bootloader", it boots into the picture with the red triangle?
so if you power off the device completely (pull the battery), then hold down volume up and volume down at the same time, and while holding them, press and hold the power button - it goes to the red triangle thing? the first image you posted above, not the second?

If your computer said "waiting for device" when he pulled the plug, then you didn't get anywhere and it shouldn't have messed up anything.
And just to clarify, in your OP, and since then, you keep saying "reboot into recovery" - when recovery is not where you need to be to unlock it. The first picture you posted above (the red triangle one) is recovery, the second picture with the menu is the bootloader - that's where the fastboot commands will work.
Ahhh...gotcha. That's my bad lol. I thought the recovery and bootloader were the same thing. Yea, I was doing everything through the adb commands in windows. But when I do the actual combination of button presses it goes to the bootloader. Woops >.<. Thanks jntdroid.
cool - just glad it's working! :)