Bluetooth and GPS issues with Samsung Droid Charge


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Aug 24, 2011
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Hello Friends,
A couple of issues have been bothering me lately:
1. Bluetooth: It's very iffy if the phone would connect to my bluetooth car fm modulator. Sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn't. I am not why or why not it connects. Is there any kind of app that would let me control or guarantee connection?

2. I have been having weird issues with GPS navigation. My phone would slow down to a crawl as soon as I started Google Navigation. I thought that there was a problem with the app and installed Waze but the same exact problem repeats there too. It is maddening to not be able to use the GPS when you rushing to an important meeting and the only option is to recycle the phone. I have tried killing all apps but that doesn't work either.

I do have Juice Defender free installed on my phone not sure if that is causing any issues.