Blacked Out.... for UD 2.5... Get some darkness! Screenshots..

Change the MIUI call screen or not. This is one bad a$$ theme. Thanks.
GREAT looking theme!!


Agreed CK. If you aren't using this with UD 2.5 you should be. Went from Urban Black (for the longest) to Renovated, and now to Blacked Out. This could be my new fav theme. Great replacement for Black and Bold and 928 which have both seemingly disappeared. But better!!
favorite theme. Top notch man! Great work.:)
Thanks a lot guys.....!!!
alright i cant figure out how to get the new market running on this. i understand that you said to have a version of the old market installed then it will install over top?
the only reason i have been running a stock theme lately is because i need a market and i like the new market more than the old one. I really like this theme but i wont use w/o market lol :/
That's right, just flash the stock UD 2.5 and my theme will install the new market right over the old market. Just make sure that your market is working before you flash my theme and DO NOT try to install it from the UD settings..
It has whatever the stock UD has in it, I am not sure about the fancy animations....
ok thanks guys, and yes it looks like an awesome theme..will definitely be trying it
Big fan of your themes ec.

I wanted to post up pics of my lockscreen. Super clean...and ninja. :)

only one thing Ive noticed. The + zoom button is bigger than the - for zoom features in framework/res/drawable hdpi v4.

Your theme has inspired me to attempt a theme for ud 2.5. I dont know how to edit xml files, so...either I can work on learning, or just edit framework and apps drawables (which is still plenty enough to apply a theme.)

Im down for the transparent lockscreen sliders so the only thing on the lockscreen is the clock and statusbar. we all know where our own sliders are.