Blacked Out.... for UD 2.5... Get some darkness! Screenshots..


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May 6, 2010
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Ok, here is the theme that I have put together.....

Themed: framework, settings, gmail, mms, talk, calculator, email, market, fancy widget, genie widget, phone, and contacts.... as of 12/18/10

Here is the story.... I like the dark look, but it seems that all the other themes have a lot of colorful icons and things like that. This is a blacked out no frills theme. I still have colors, basically things like 3G and others just so they can be seen easily at a glance, but that's about it... If the color played a role, I left it....

Things you MUST do before installing my theme....

1. Make sure you have a WORKING copy of the OLD market. If you already have a themed WORKING new market, then this will install right over it just fine..
2. Make sure that your Gmail is located in /system. If it is not, uninstall it and the zip will install it to /system.

Ok, you are ready.....:)

Download my theme..... - *********** - online file sharing and storage - download

Put the zip on your SD card and install through recovery. I use CLOCKWORK, I believe this will work with SPR by changing the name BUT I AM NOT 100% SURE...... so try at your own risk!!!!

Now check everything out and move on to complete the theme....:)


Get my Blacked Out Gingerbread keyboard here.....

FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!! One file MUST be flashed before the other!!!!


Now, to finish it all off, get the Blacked Out Google Search here... - *********** - online file sharing and storage - download

To load this, be sure that you have UNINSTALLED all versions of Google Search from the phone.... be sure to check /system and /data..
Then just put the app on your sd card AS IS, select the app, then select install.....


Blacked Out MIUI Phone..... you know you want it.....:) - *********** - online file sharing and storage - download

BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP!!!!! You will need to restore your backup if you don't like this. The reason is that the zip installs two .apks instead of just Phone.apk......


As I said, I will be adding more apps as I get them done......ENJOY.....

Credits: drpurp, all those that helped with Market, and anybody else I forgot....
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More Screenshots..

Here are some more screenshots.....
Which one? I don't use the rotary so I didn't touch that one... but the regular lockscreen has everything centered... are you having an issue?
Which one? I don't use the rotary so I didn't touch that one... but the regular lockscreen has everything centered... are you having an issue?

No I haven't flashed any themes yet but I really dislike the lockscreen that UD comes with, it seems kind of "jumbled" together. I'm looking for a theme and was just wondering what you're lockscreen looks like.
no jumble on mine, I like things neat and almost industrial....

How does this look??...

You can't tell from the pic, but the lockscreen is also semi-transparent.... not completely though.....
I just made this wallpaper to go with your theme. lol I do that all of the time. Just ask Xkape, MBK, and jatx2wne. I always flash there themes and then try to make original wallpapers to go with them.:)
thanks man, I will put it in UDWallpapers next time I update the theme!
Good job. I love the lock screen.

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