Bionic soon, early upgrade possible?


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Sep 1, 2011
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Like everybody else, I have been following the Droid Bionic for quite a while now. Also, like most of you with an OG Droid like me, the phone is starting to freeze/crash/do odd things, so getting a new phone is pretty high up on my list of things to do. The thing is, my NE2 discount is due up 10/25/11, and I would love to get the phone when it comes out. So is there a way to upgrade early anymore? My phone is just not cutting it and I don't exactly have the money to buy a full-priced bionic (probably $650+).

TLDR; Phone dying, need a new one, can I upgrade early? Even if it gets rid of my NE2 loyalty discount?
Call 611 and ask but they're probably going to give you a resounding no
My upgrade discount became available the beginning of July, but I distinctly remember getting an email from Verizon at the beginning of June, saying that I could upgrade early. I don't know if I was receiving some sort of special treatment, but I was holding out for the Bionic (still am too! grrrr!!) so I didn't take advantage of the early upgrade/contract renewal offer.

I'd ask... what have you got to lose? what have they got to lose? You're going to upgrade eventually, so if I were them I'd prefer to take your money now rather than later. :)
Yeah. I figured it is damn near the upgrade time anyways so why wouldn't they want to grab my money?
I'm in the same darn boat. My upgrade is on the 12th, but I want the Bionic now.

I plan on giving my wife my newly replaced and well working D2. I'm just impatient :)
So my answer is pretty much "call, but they probably won't".

Which means stick with my dying OG Droid for another month and a half.... =(
So my answer is pretty much "call, but they probably won't".

Which means stick with my dying OG Droid for another month and a half.... =(

I say you call and ask and when they say no, you say "Okay, well I guess I can handle two cell phones bills for a month while I switch carriers... what's the cheapest plan I can downgrade to for my last month?"

might not help, but it shouldn't hurt either...
You should be able to, but won't get your extra $50 off if you are primary account holder.

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When my touchscreen died, they looked at my upgrade date of 10/18 and said they could offer me an early upgrade. This was on Aug 25th.
Two years ago, I walked into a verizon store, with my blackberry curve that was being held together with duct tape and a prayer, one week before my NE2 was going to kick in. No dice. I tried calling, but still no luck.
Ok, so it seems to be hit or miss. I guess there is no hurt in trying. What's the best way to go about it though? Should I go to a Verizon store first or just call?

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Also, for anybody who has actually done this, how does it work? I mean, if I call and they can do it, do they just change my upgrade date to open?

PS: my phone crashed 2 times while trying to type this.

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If they do let you your new upgrade date will be the day you upgrade + 2 yrs.. so yes it will change..

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