Bionic soon, early upgrade possible?

I upgraded 1 week early at Costco for a Charge. Wish I had waited for Bionic.

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I think you have a good chance of getting them to allow an early upgrade.

When the Droid 1 was released I was 4 or 5 months away from an upgrade. I just sent them an email, told them my WinMo phone I had was barely functional and I was very interested in upgrading to the Droid when it was released. A couple of days later they agreed and changed my account to reflect that I was ready for an upgrade.

I think it can depend a little on your status with them - I have been with them for 10 years and paid mostly on time.

I would definitely contact them and explain the situation - part of what we pay extra for with them is good customer service.
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This is how the early upgrade works. I'm going to email VZW and see if they can move my date up to Sept. 8th.
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i made the call a month ago when i saw that my verizon app said i could get an upgrade.The rep said i could get the upgrade for the 299.99 for the charge or any new phone coming out at the same price.The rep also said i could only use it at a verizon corp no you cant go to costco or bestbuy or any other third party.I am in the same boat as you my upgrade is 10/15 so im not sure if im going to get it day 1 or wait to get my extra 50 bucks.:)
Just go to the store and get it day 1 if you want it as bad as i do!The smart thing to do is to wait for your any 2's 50 bucks and get it from costco with there 90 day return just in case this nexus phone is as awesome as it sounds.
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