Big Animated Origami Tutorial


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Oct 18, 2011
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Big Animated Origami Tutorial

Big Animated Origami Tutorial Lite

"Big Animated Origami Tutorial Lite" allows quick learning of dozens of origami"Big Animated Origami Tutorial Lite" is unique application, that allows you to quickly learn how to make dozens of origami.
Every origami is animated, you can pause any step, rewind movie or increase/decrease speed as well as engage reverse playback.

"Big Animated Origami Tutorial Lite" contains dozens of movies of popular origamies, divided in following categories:
- Animal (enabled only in full version)
- Bugs
- Christmas (enabled only in full version)
- Clothes
- Flowers
- Fun (enabled only in full version)
- Halloween
- Paper planes
- Sea (enabled only in full version)
- Valentines (enabled only in full version)

ATTENTION: To run this application properly, you need to have support of flash on your device