Problems with studies? Math Helper - the perfect assistant, which is always there!


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Oct 18, 2011
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Problems with studies? Math Helper - the perfect assistant, which is always there!
In memory of almost everyone man school and college years forever imprinted as the most light and carefree time in life.
Just remember, with such glowing eyes and a genuine smile, our moms and dads, grandparents tell us stories of their youth! The time will come - and we will also with rapture tell their children and grandchildren about all kinds of fun and interesting events that are happening to us almost three times a day.
But unfortunately (or fortunately?) university and school – are not only an endless celebration and party with your friends, but also the ... study. And then comeы to to the resque of all kinds of useful applications, in particular - is a unique application that has no analogues with so much functionality – Math Helper! What is Math Helper and what it can?

Prepare for exams with Math Helper - is a pleasure!
Away with search the right answer in prohibitive volumes of reference books, as likely to be the same age as your great-great-grandfather! The search the right solution is not more than a few seconds with the Math Helper. In contrast to cribs in a variety of interpretations (not excel as students and pupils, to quietly write off, just remember the famous Operation «Ы» movie!) Math Helper not only helps to know the right answer, but see how he has been found, that is, that is, visually see each stage the solution. It is also a unique feature of Math Helper compared to other applications of this kind.
With Math Helper you can not only improve your points, but understand the subject.

What can Math Helper?
Math Helper designed to solve a large number of diverse tasks of different difficulty levels. What do you get by writing an application in the memory of his Android?
• Linear algebra (operations with matrices, solving systems of linear equations by different methods);
• Vector algebra (operations with vectors and figures);
• Challenges to the theory of probability;
• Operations with numbers and sequences.
With Math Helper you will never can say, "Well I don’t understand this math, and that's it!", Because all the information on the application plays the screen of your Android gadget in a simple and readable form.
A huge bonus is the international Math Helper, because all sections and topics application is available immediately on the four most popular European languages: Russian, German, Italian and English! So, Math Helper is an excellent acquisition for our students, and for those lucky enough to continue their education abroad.

Expand your horizons with Math Helper
During the session, tests and exams Math Helper becomes your best friend, providing a quick and correct decision in just a few seconds. Preparation for them will no longer be associated with multiple disturbances, stress and anxiety, because with Math Helper learning process actually turns into a real pleasure. Very often in life we forget about what is happiness - to learn something new, not to stand still and grow. However, Math Helper, saving significant time, allows recalling the excitement of the first years of school life, when everything seemed simple, clear and very interesting!

A bit about the creators
DDdev company specializes in educational applications for mobile devices. In the product development company involved university professors, and applications are taking into account requirements of innovation environment and in order to save time, the user will be able to devote to solving creative problems. Among other programs, produced by the company, it may be noted bilingual encyclopedic reference of diseases and tutorial of origami.

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Good luck!
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