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Oct 18, 2011
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MathHelper Lite

MathHelper allows you to solve math exercises and get full steps of sollutionATTENTION: Finally! MathHelper opearates on English language (including built-in math reference)!!!

MathHelper is a unique application for students. The uniqueness of the application is that it allows us to see not only the answer, but a detailed solution of the problem. Now you do not need to order the work in math or ask for help from classmates - assistant in mathematics will do everything himself. In addition to solving problems, the application includes the theory on these topics and a scientific calculator.
MathHelper Lite allows you to solve a wide range of tasks.
MathHelper allows you to quickly solve typical mathematical exercises of the linear and vector algebra, devided in 4 sections:
1. Linear Algebra - Operations with matrices:
*Matrix transposition
*Calculate determinant of a Matrix
*Matrix Inversion
*Adding and Subtracting Matrices
*Matrix multiplication
*Scalar Matrix multiplication
*Calculate the rank of a Matrix
2. Linear Algebra - Systems of linear equations:
*Gauss method
*Cramer's method
*By the inverse of the matrix
3. Vector Algebra - Vectors:
*Finding the magnitude or length of a Vector
*Collinearity of two Vectors
*Orthogonality of vectors
*Vector Addition, Subtraction and Scalar Multiplication
*Vector Multiplication
*Finding the Angle Between two Vectors
*Finding the cosine of the angle between the vectors AB and AC
*Finding the projection of one Vector on another
*Coplanarity of the Vectors
4. Vector Algebra - Figures:
*Calculate the area of ​​a triangle
*Whether the four points lie on one plane
*Calculate the volume of a tetrahedron (pyramid)
*Find the volume and height of a tetrahedron (pyramid)