battery temp concerns


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Mar 12, 2011
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After recently undervolting my x, i've started to check my battery temps in elixir.

i've noticed that after some web browsing my temps go up around 40 C which seems a little hot to me, especially considering the undervolt. Here are my speeds and vsels:

1000 - 51
800 - 41
600 - 32
300 - 18

basically its stock clock speeds undervolted with a stability buffer of 10% in quickclock.

I have the carbon fiber case, i don't know hom much insulating that does but i'd really like to keep it as i feel it does a pretty good job protecting the phone.

am i getting worried over nothing or is something wrong here? i don't want to mess up the battery.

thanks guys.

edit: one more detail, i'm running apex 1.4.1
I don't know much about custom ROMs or undervolting, but I'm on my 4th smartphone and I've never had one that didn't get hot while inuse.
also, is it a bad idea to use setcpu alongside quick clock to underclock my processor when it gets hot? is there a conflict there i should know about?