Android overclock vs Quickclock advanced review.


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Aug 4, 2011
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Android overclock vs Quickclock advanced short review.


So have been searching for an over clock tool that work and that i dont have to worry about. These are the 2 best that i have found so far.Thank you Idopa for suggesting quickclock the many times you have!!)

So what I am going to do it tell you my experience with the 2 and tell you the good and of coarse the bads.

I will start with android over clock.

i have used ths for 2 weeks straight and i feel i can give some good input about it.

The bad
it is buggy.(will explain)
it is buggy in the regards if you set something at boot. You are lucky if it does ever begin to overclock. You always have to manually set it!! I have yet to have to start on its own like its supposed to! This is the biggest bug i have found! it turns out...its a pretty big bug! its pretty annoying!

You can make profiles so when lets say, you phones gettng hot, it wll turn the clock speed down automatically. when your battery is below a certain percent, you can set it to underclock. when you have it plugged in you can have it at lets say....800-1300 vs 300-1300(being normal). i like this!

i was able to get higher benchmarks with this vs quickclock. but at the cost of battery performance.
When it is works.

alot of custom options. when you want to overclock to can

i have been using quickclock for 5 days and this is what i got!



Not very many custom options

will only let you overclock to a certain point(this is also a good though)

thats all that i have found so far!

Benchmarks not as good vs android overclock but uses less power due to it undervolting

Finds you exactly what is best for your CPU. (undervolting and overclocking)
better battery life
When you set it to start at boot....IT DOES...not right at boot, but 30 seconds at boot(like you set it) this is a big plus for me!!!

it will not allow you to undervolt to low and will not let you overclock to high. (pretty fool proof) the app does everything for you through testing the cpu to find the best settings for you.

quadrant benchmarks(do these really matter?

android overclock highest is 3400ish.

quickclock highest 2800ish.

Sooooo....all in all i choose quickclock(thank you idopa)

I like how it does infact automatically start upon boot!

If anyone has anything to add to this(or another program they suggest), that would be awesome!
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