BAMF Sense 3.0 RC4 7/03/11

got everything up and working great, except my text messages are a little whacked. Loving it so far.

Thanks for the help
Those who have flashed this would u recommed it as ur daily drive?

edit: already flashed it. its so smooth! but the only issue is when i receive a text the time is says it came in is an hour ahead. any one else experience this?

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I downloaded SMS Time Fix from the market and set it to use phone time and it works fine. Apparently some ROMs have this problem when they're connected 4G.
Weather fix?

Do you flash the weather fix on just like a new ROM?
I flashed Tom again and turned sound effects off that solved weather problem.

Now my icons all turned into green market icon.

I am still getting force closes.

I lo e this rom but it is very unstable right now. At least for me.

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Mine is working like a champ now! Any suggestions on a great theme to put on?
it was working great for me then just stopped.

Starting restarting randomly.

Everytime I turned it on it would load then once i unclocked screen it would reboot then load again really fast and not have icons.

I did a factory reset and now it won't syc with google.

I really love this ROM so i am going to play with it to try to get it to work but its not looking good.

I have yet to find a stable rom for the TB which sucks. I might have to unroot because if BAMF is giving my problems anything else I try is probably going to give me grief too.

I flashed the kernal it defense made the phone and a little laggy and the graphics lets smooth but if it is stable its worth it.

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Just released,, grab it while is HOT!

[7.14.11][ROM] Das BAMF Sense 3.0 RC4.9


Changelog For RC4.9:
  • Car panel dialer fixed
  • dock mode fixed
  • lockscreen, pin, password, pattern strings fixed
  • resized htc skins included
  • Speed dial 2 works.
  • application management does not wig out anymore.