-=BAMF Sense 3.0 RC3=-6/25/2011


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Jun 5, 2010
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As always I did not Dev this rom The Dev Team BAMF Did This is there RC3 So enjoy

[6.25.11][ROM] BAMF Sense 3.0 GB RC3
-=BAMF Sense 3.0 RC3=-


With the release of the Shooter RUU, we now have an awesome port of Sense 3.0 for you guys. This took hours of dedication to complete, with a TIRELESS dedication on Erishasnobattery's part, we are happy to bring you a complete port of Sense 3.0 to you guys. As you all know, this takes hours and hours of head bashing, knuckle busting, girlfriend ignoring, and beer swigging to complete. Please show your appreciation if at all possible! Believe me, every cent is appreciated!! Links are below.


ThatDudeButch: Donate

Erishasnobattery: Donate

Adrynalyne: Donate

Trident: Donate


• Initial release, based of our BAMF GB base including the BAMF Toolkit (Don't think we need to keep posting that here, for more info refer to the other GB roms)
• Complete port of the Sense 3.0 from the Shooter leak (Erishasnobattery is da man!)
• Latest Dream Kernel
• Custom Boot Animation (Gadget!)
• Custom Shutdown Animation (TDButch)
• Native swipe function! (TDButch)
• BAMF ROM Analytics app added (Please opt in! Totally safe, just reads build prop for rom version etc)
• Clear Button resized and relocated (TDButch)
• Native HTC Trace Keyboard (TDButch)
• Wake with Volume Keys (Adrynalyne)
• Tons more



Changelog For RC3:
1. Fully reworked and newer Rosie Launcher with correct app drawer scrolling.
2. Fully working camera including FFC/video
3. Sense LWP is scaled correctly.
4. Speed dial 2 now works.
5. Flikr and Books added.
6. Fixed bad strings in Gmail settings.
7. Fixed calendar sizing.
8. Video player sized properly.
9. Scenes preview sized properly.
10. Car panel is sized properly.


MD5: 670E078FA5223CC40CBE3B0751DE7751​

Site 1:​

Site 2:​

Site 3:​

From erishasnobattery:

We will keep all bugs/fixes updated in the first few posts here.

Please, post a bug once. If you have a potential fix, PM me. I will test it and get it added to this post.

Let's not have a repeat of last time. If you can't use the search function, don't use our ROMs.

Also, if it's not posted in one of our posts, it's not an approved mod. We take absolutely zero responsibility for anything that happens.

Known Issues:

  • There numerous graphical bugs, such as misalignment and colors being off. Please, unless it is affecting the usability of the phone, don't post them. (We are squashing these as time goes)
  • Pin screen and password unlock screen are sized incorrectly
  • Some fonts/images may appear a little fuzzy on the home screens. At this point, with the tools available, there isn't much we can do with it.
  • No Verizon VM notfications. Base ROM issue. It won't be fixed without a new leak.
  • Force close in music app. (trouble reproducing)
  • Camcorder only supports up to 14mbps recording. Anything higher will cause it to close. To be included with RC4.
  • No .wma Playback.
  • G-sensor Calibration Issue - Kernel Related. (Talk to your friendly kernel devs)
  • [Watch app not working quite right yet.
  • Bad strings in the Calendar Widget. (trouble reproducing)
  • Twitter causing FC on phone calls.
  • If your screen is staying off, slow to turn back on, general weirdness when coming off a sleep state, try increasing your minimum clock speed. I have the best balance or performance/battery at 368/368 for screen off and 368/1.2 normal.
  • The Manage applications page is freaking out. See Below.


Help! My Manage Applications page is freaking out!

The base leak, for whatever reason, has a serious problem with populating the applications list.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a 2 tone gray and green bar. There is a small animation that appears once everything is loaded above the gray portion.

DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, modify any apps in any way shape or form if this has not appeared. Do not force stop, uninstall, clear data, or clear cache when they are flickering. This means the package has not been fully loaded and linked. You might think you are clearing data on Angry birds when in fact it is Accounts and settings.

I got a little overzealous on one last night and ended up having to do a complete wipe and reinstall.

Need help setting up Google Voice? Thank RootandBoot for these instructions!

Originally Posted by RootandBoot >
To use Google voice.
Get your new number from Google.
Download the Google voice app, skip the VM setup. Choose to make no calls from Google voice.
On your phone dial *71 and your Google number (that is call forward no answer) put the 1 infront of the area code.
That's it.
When someone leaves a VM it will show on your notification bar.
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I just downloaded RC2, and they already put out RC3?? Jeez!

How much has changed? I'm really in love with RC2. It's given me great battery life, everything I've used has worked like clockwork, so I'm worried to move off it.
Would like to see the same app drawer configuration as the sense 3.0 stripped rom.
I was wondering if anyone is having force closes on Set CPU, Tango, and Yahoo Messenger. So is there no way to video chat on this ROM? Thanks!

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Great rom loving it.
Have 1 issue (Dock Mode) when I try to open the app it won't open then a few seconds later it freeze then I pull battery 2x any suggestions to fix it or can I uninstall the app manually

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Very unstable, numerous reboots, graphical weirdness at times, and other junk. Same with mr 2 as with 2.5. No difference. After using, I realized I don't need or care for 3d fx on my phone. Flashed back to virusrom airborne and no more issues.

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Been running Tom for a week. Works fantastic

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OK rom

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Front Camera

I'm coming from RC2 with a broken camera,,Installed RC3 and the front facing camera is still broken. I thought the canera was fixed in RC3?
I also installed the 3D mod while on RC2 and it's still there in RC# is it now part of RC3?
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google services framework crashing

I am on bamf RC3 MR2. I keep getting a message thta google services frame work has faile and i have to force close it. This happens a lot and i was wondering if anyone has a fix for it. I have tried refreshing permissions and doing a fule wipe and clean install no luck. any help appreciated.

FYI I Also notice the lock screen for pin is all f'd up buttons are to large in portrait. on the sense 3.0 RC3 ROM
I'm coming from RC2 with a broken camera,,Installed RC3 and the front facing camera is still broken. I thought the canera was fixed in RC3?
I also installed the 3D mod while on RC2 and it's still there in RC# is it now part of RC3?
I was just gonna post that the ffc is still broken in RC3 and thought it was fixed. the ffc works with camcorder only. WTF :-(
Love this rom but it eats my battery alive! Lol anyone got any other tips. lowered my max cpu speed. Got the latest kernel.

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