Backup assistan not working since Gingerbread, YOU COULD LOSE ALL YOUR CONTACTS!


May 13, 2011
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My phone was acting strange so I did a factory reset, only to find that all of my contacts had disappeared from the Verizon backup and restore assistant. Now when I try to sync my contacts with backup assistant is says "invalid parameter". Anyone else having similar issues? You may want to go to My Verizon online > My Device > Backup Assistant to see if your contacts are in fact still there. Otherwise you may be disappointed the next time Verizon's solution to your problem is for you to factory reset your phone (this seems to be their go-to-solution for every problem) and that is when you find out all your contacts are lost. For now I have entered all my contacts in my Gmail contacts which backs them up to gmail, which I find to be more reliable and user friendly than Verizon backup assistant. It's funny because everyone I talked to from Verizon about this said my contacts should be backed up to my gmail too, they don't realize your phone contacts and your google contacts are in different "phone books" so your phone contacts will not back up to your gmail account, and your google contacts will not back up to your Verizon backup assistant. I guess it is too high of an expectation to think that Verizon customer service would actually know something about their phones, an expectation I no longer have.