Installed Fission - Where did my phone contacts go???/


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Nov 2, 2010
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Sorry if this is a dumb question- newbie to the whole ROM thing. I got through the whole install of the latest version of fission just fine. It appears google synced many of my contacts........but I'm missing phone numbers and entries for contacts that were in my phone before but not google contacts ("mom", "dad", etc.). Essentially, it appears my contacts I've had backed up with verizon's backup assistant are no longer there. I can't seem to find the backup assistant on the Market either. Someone please help........I really hope I didn't just lose all my phone numbers for people......

*EDIT* I've fixed the problem. I solved it by exporting my contacts in Backup Assistant (verizon wireless online) into csv format. I then imported the csv file under contacts in Gmail. My phone then synced those "gmail" contacts into my phone contacts.