Axiobeam benchmark scores


Jul 20, 2012
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Wanted to start a thread about benchmark scores while running the axiobeam rom. I recently flashed axiobeam rom on ics leak .2233. I just received the highest quadrant benchmark score ever of 3303. Just wanted to see if anyone else is getting results like this.

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Ive been lurking on this forum for a number of years. Started with the og Droid then the HTC incredible and now the Bionic. This is my first endeavor into rooting and roaming one of met devices. I wanted to thank everyone in this forum for all the wonderful information everyone posts which makes it so easy for someone to modify and enjoy there device even more. Thank you so much.
wow is it really that much faster than stock? how's the battery compare to stock?

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Yeah it is that much faster. I am running around the same scores day after day. Battery seems better then stock.
Also yesterday I received a score of 3383. That is the best yet!