Auto corect not too smart?


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Jul 29, 2010
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hello fellow droid owners.

new to the forums here..
i have a motorola droid..

my girlfriend has an iphone.. iphones are kinda boring .. so i gave droid a shot.. and i love it..

the only problem i have.. is the auto correct for mispelling words as you type on the touch screen.

the iphone is more "smart" about the auto correct.. like for example.. if i type ..somethg the droid does not correct it into SOMETHING.. just keeps it at that..

meanwhile the iphone auto corrects it into something..

words like that.. where 1 or 2 letters are off. .the droid doesnt pick it up and corrects it.. just leaves it there.. and then having to point your way back to that word.. there is no other way to reach that wrong word unless you precisely touch where the word it.. unlike the iphone where if you hold your finger to the text screen.. a magnifying glass comes up and you can easily put the cursor or w/e it is .. to where you want to delete stuff..

is this how the phone really is? updates? addons? help? lol thanks