AT&T May Cancel The Sales Of The Note 7

I think Samsung will take their time with it this time. I think last time they jumped the gun blaming it all on batteries.

Samsung Note 7.5
I get that... but that doesn't help us consumers feel any more at ease... and with the carriers pulling out it's weird!

From The Sexy Note 7♡
Extra glad I decided against the newest Note. I'd be livid if I had to give up my S-pen

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my guess is he texted them first when they didn't contact him at appointed time and the person on other end is a klutz that instead of forwarding the message did either a group text or reply that included originator. i've had similar incidents happen communicating with multiple people at once through group texting and i was unintended recipient of messages, happens a lot to iphone users for some reason.

I hope the end of message didn't read, "sent from my iPhone."