Are you stock or rooted?

How do you operate your GNex?

  • I'm staying stock for a while or forever

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Stock. Last phone, a Fascinate, was rooted. When 2.3 was pushed, the phone locked up and never worked again so I want to avoid a repeat. Love this phone. Works just fine as is.

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I rooted after about 5 days. Though, stock ICS is great as is. I am just a tinkerer and love to mod my electronic devices. Running AOKP and Franco kernel now. So fast and smooth, great battery life. Used to run CND, but I think I prefer AOKP.

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rooted but stock.

tried the unofficial 4.04 rom but went back to stock. haven't found any roms that seem to be must have. so I'll wait a bit more to start roming
Stock and probably stick with it for a bit. I love this phone as is. No problems whatsoever. I'm sure the bug will hit me and I'll make the leap. But for now, I am very pleased with this phone.

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mine is rooted and unlocked but the second the gsm version of the phone gets 4.04/5 im stocking it back...
I was stock for a month. Soon as 4.0.4 was leaked I unlocked it and rooted to install update. Now waiting for official 4.0.4.
CDMA - Unlocked it on the first day. No root. Currently on 4.04 and very happy with it.
I am going to root it but not before I give it the once over. The guy at the store tried to talk me into buying a RAZR so I want to see what the normal user would experience so I could tell my friend, who are waiting to upgrade.

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I've had mine for probably a little over a month now and I'm still stock and unrooted but one of these days I'm at least going to root and look into roming. Still not sure if I want to bypass stock, that was one of the main reasons I got a nexus; no more damn motoblur or any crap like that polluting my Android device! ;)

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