Is Anyone running this phone stock and unrooted??

Stock here to. Rooted my OG but have not felt compelled to root the Bionic, works fine as is. Like yourself, I'm a techy, but unless I feel the need, which you never know, all is good for now. Enjoy, it's a great phone.

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Stock and unrooted as well. Just like my OG Droid.
If you could safely DELETE the bloatware instead of just freezing it, then I would root. ................. Having the bloatware still on the phone just bothers me so I see no reason for it................:blink:

If you like your phone the way it is than leave it that way. I actually enjoy changing up the way my phone acts and looks and know how to get it back to stock if I screw it up....It makes it seem like a new phone!
Nice to see some love for the stock Bionic out there. I mostly decided this was the phone for me due to it getting ICS relatively soon, the Lapdock when I can afford one, and the price. I have a CPO unit on the way that ended up being $32 with tax, it was time to pull the trigger. My christmas present to myself.

I have a Netbook I am gonna sell soon, hopefully to my wifes boss, and that money will go to the lapdock for when I travel. When I worked IT I needed a laptop, but I rarely use it unless traveling anymore. With the dock I can use it while on the road too(in passenger seat of course!), which I think will be cool.

Thanks again, I am feeling better about my decision now. It was getting a little scarey with seein almost no stock users of this phone!
If you like your phone the way it is than leave it that way. I actually enjoy changing up the way my phone acts and looks and know how to get it back to stock if I screw it up....It makes it seem like a new phone!

I am leaving it that way. That was the sentence you left out of the 'quote'. And like I said before, the 10% that knows what they are doing (you among others), that's awesome. But I think if I tried rooting I would be in the same group as those who have major problems because I don't know what i'm doing. I wish I did cause then i'd experiment with it a little bit. But I really do enjoy the phone stock and will be leaving it that way unless some research convinces me otherwise AFTER ICS.
I've been a PC techy since getting my Apple II+. See no real need to root this phone. Works fine as it is. Besides I rely on it daily and really don't want to deal with 'problems' I may cause.
I know you can remove bloatware once you root and there is also using something like Titanium Backup to make a complete backup of your phone in the event you have to hard reset. That is the one thing I miss from my Palm days, if I had to hard reset the phone I had an app that backed it up to my SD card every night automatically and was easily restored. I kept a week of backups so I could go back several days if needed to get my phone functional again.

If I were to root that actually would be the main reason why for me.
I'm stock, and I see no reason to root for my uses. I am a PC junkie, and have hacked pretty much every console I've ever owned, so it's suprising that I am staying stock on my Bionic. To me it's just not worth it when all I gain is the ability to tether (which I would never use), and Titanium Backup (I back up all my APK on my PC). But I fear that I could mess up my upgrade path, and yeah there are probably ways to fix that, but I really don't want to take the time to try to troubleshoot it. Also I don't want to have to deal with removing root and such if I ever have problems with it. And the "Bloatware" really isn't bloated on here. I have my phone loaded to the gills and still is blazing fast.

Honestly to me, the risk just isnt worth the gains for me. If there were more things rooting could do that were appealing to me, I'd probably do it, but for now I'm loving my Bionic stock.
I'm stock RIGHT NOW because I'm just waiting to get all the updates and prepare for ICS. Now in saying that I love rooting my phone and know what I'm doing. It's really not that hard. To me it's not really a matter of not liking stock or that stock is broken. It's more of me liking and wanting to play with my phone, trying new things and just feeling like I have a new toy whenever I flash a new ROM. That's what makes having my phone fun. I'm on stock right now and to tell you the truth it works well. Battery isn't bad and I can't really tell you if I got that much better battery life on the ROM's. I wouldn't mind changing up the look a little but it works so I'm loving stock at the moment and going to keep it that way until someone releases a real working ICS ROM!! :)
I am also rooted but stock

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