Is Anyone running this phone stock and unrooted??

I'm all stock, never rooted. This is also my first Android/Smartphone. I messed around with my LG enVtouch so I could tether it to my computer via USB, but I don't really feel the need to mess with this phone just yet. Too scared I would just mess things up. Maybe in the future.
Also, this should be a poll, if DroidForums even does polls. I don't have any idea....
Yes DF does polls. It can be added to a thread. Sounds like a good idea.
If a poll would be created maybe.

1) Stock and Unrooted
2) Stock, but Rooted
3) Rooted and changed, baby!

I am stock. I have no idea how or even why to root a phone

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im totally stock. i have now idea what all this rooting is about....

From (ignore the title; it's old):

First question we'll tackle is "what is root?":
To have root access on a linux based system such as android means you have the equivalent access of Administrator on a Windows based computer. You will have unrestricted full access to nearly all aspects of the android system stack.

Second question "why would i want to obtain root access on my phone":
For those of us who would like an extreme level of control over our phone's files, root access is a necessity. Having a rooted phone gives the end user unprecedented control over the phone, enabling them to have limitless possibilities. Essentially unlocking your phone's full potential. With root/superuser access on your phone you would be able to flash modified roms (roms from other devices) , have access to certain functions on "root only" applications (example: wireless tether for root users - ability to tether your phone). The possibilities are endless.

It's like a car; some want to just drive it and others want to slap in a Glasspack Cherry Bomb and Recaro seats.

That being said, I'm stock and unrooted.
I had rooted my DX. After upgrading to my Bionic, I've stayed stock. However, I miss having all the ads gone.
Running stock, although i have thought of rooting my phone. After two weeks of researching proper techniques...i deemed it too complicated. Plus, the only reason i wanted to root in the first place was because of the ROMS. Soon after i found about GO Launcher EX, i decided to wait for the official updates.

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Howdy OP, to another Kyocera user! The 7135 was my first smartphone. Since then, I've gone through a few Treos, a Blackberry, and a couple of Droids.

I've been in IT for over fifteen years, and I'm not rooted or ROM-ed either. I have nothing against those either, but I can just use an alternative launcher to get what I want, as well as some apps.

I also found a bookmark app that unlocks the Verizon bookmarks in the stock browser, so they can be deleted.