Is Anyone running this phone stock and unrooted??


Mar 29, 2010
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To start with, don't get me wrong... I have no issues with Rooting or Roming a phone. I am a PC tech with over 20 years experience and a lot of mobile phone experience as well. I have been using smartphones since the Palm Heyday of the Kyocera 6035 and Treo 650. Windows mobile and Blackberry as well, and been with Android since the OG droid came out.

I know there are some valid reasons for Rooting, but it has been something I never wanted to do. I have noted with this phone(I have one in the mail right now!), that almost no one runs it stock. In following the forums I think I have seen one person mention he had a stock phone.

How many more are there, I am just curious? What are some of your reasons for running it stock or not??
I'm fully stock. I'm not savvy enough for anything else.

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There's a whole lot of us out there. Just don't see the need right now. Maybe someday I'll have more of a reason than simply removing bloatware, but the phone is so good stock, just seems kinda pointless for now.

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Yeah i'm stock... Haven't really had a reason not to be.

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I'm stock. Too many people on here saying they created problems by rooting. I understand why some people choose to root, but I on the other hand feel that the phone is perfectly fine without it and not worth the hassle of updates messing with my settings, root, or not being able to get the update at all. I think about 10% of the people who root actually know what they are doing and I know i'm NOT in that 10% so I leave it alone.
I am stock but rooted. I am stock at the moment because it gives me the best battery life and I use the laptop 100. I can't find a rom with a working webtop that works with the lapdock. Plus stock isn't half bad...Motorola has done a good job with this version of blur.

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Still running stock. Maybe if the updates get squared away and ICS comes through, I MIGHT think about rooting, but until then it's stock for me.
I am running:p stock and have had none of the problems reported here, I am not in a 4g area but travel to one now and then. :icon_ banana:
Running stock also. Rooted my fascinate before and took me off upgrade path...could not return to would not connect with pc...had to exchange for a refurb to get froyo...not losing the ability to exchange or get tech support ...biggest reason is I like the phone the way it is...bloat doesn't seem to affect it any...powerful the way it is....
The ONLY understandable reason IMO to stay stock is if you dont know how to root or are afraid to for Obvious Safety reasons.

Other then that, read, root and be merry. :)

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This is my first smart phone. My Bionic is still completely stock, I am too lazy to learn how to root untill I see a strong need for it and no one has shown me one yet. Plus, it is working okay - it has the normal bionic problems, but I can live with them right now. I expect I will learn to root and stuff at some point, not sure yet what will push me over the tipping point.
If you could safely DELETE the bloatware instead of just freezing it, then I would root. But I bought the phone because I liked the phone. Not because I needed to change everything. Having the bloatware still on the phone just bothers me so I see no reason for it.
Bone stock. Not rooted.

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I am also a senior engineer for over 20 years and this is the first phone I have not bothered rooting since the stock is done real well. Music option on lock screen, check. Fast, check. Great interface, check. Decent widgets, check. Less risk of being hacked or infected by not being rooted, check.
The only reason I would maybe root in future is tethering and bloatware, but most of the bloat never runs so I do not worry about it, and this phone has 1 GB of ram so slow issues of memory hogs apps doesnt really happen (unless using webtop).