Apps for calling and sending texts overseas using wifi


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Jun 9, 2011
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I have read a lot of different forums and comments and have yet to find resolutions to what I think should be a couple simple issues.

1) Calling over a wifi connection without using an app that requires you buy time to call land lines like Skype.

2) Texting over wifi using your existing phone number and not having to setup a new number or account on some third party app system.

I love my droid incredible 2, but these two issues are driving me nuts. I am on the Verizon network. The main reason it bothers me is because I had a Blackberry for work on T-mobile. I can could call and add/remove the wifi calling option whenever I wanted for only $8 a month. Then I could be anywhere in the world and turn off my mobile network connection and just use wifi. I could call, text, and surf the internet using the wifi connection without an additional charges. With my droid I can only surf the net, but can't make calls or send text messages. It seems like being able to call/text over a wifi connection shouldn't be so difficult.

Are there apps that I am missing that will resolve these two issues??

Thanks in advance for any help.
I'm using Groove IP with my Google Voice number for calls on wifi. Whatsapp for wifi texting but the other end needs to use the app also. Would like to find a txt app that works as straight txt over wifi.