[APP Review]Titanium Backup 5.2.0


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Nov 24, 2010
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Titanium Backup is an app designed to help root users backup all their user+system data to either their internal SD memory or to an external microSD if available. Essentially, if youre rooted, then this app should be in your arsenal!

The developers are about to release Titanium Backup 5.2.0 to the over 5 million app users. Version 5.2.0 brings about an updated User Interface (UI) and some bug fixes for Ice Cream Sandwich (4.x.x) users. The revamped UI is now Halo themed to match the latest ICS system.

You'll also find the batch option much more intuitive and snappier overall. Simply click the icon in the upper left for all batch processes, then proceed as usual for backing up, restoring, or deleting user or system apps in groups.


A neat little feature I really enjoy (and that not many people know about) is the ability to make an update.zip from within Titanium Backup settings. This update.zip can be flashed after a factory reset or new ROM install in ClockworkMod Recovery. You can even sign it with Zip Signer 2 by Ken Ellinwood at the same time if you have it installed.


There are even more features when you purchase the Titanium Backup PRO key!! You can schedule differ activities like backup all user.apps on a set schedule or create multiple backups for your apps. You can also sync your backup files with either Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive! This is a good at feature just in case you have to completely wipe your device, your backups are saved to the cloud.

So be sure to purchase the PRO Key to unlock all the features of Titanium Backup!

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