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Sep 3, 2014
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Hi, I share this to my app helped me a lot!
KeyZag solves screen keyboard problems by providing the high level of input comfort for both landscape and portrait orientations, symbols of desired size, and advanced recognition of input.
KeyZag is a revolutionary "keyless" keyboard. It is based on an advanced, patent pending technology of optimal circle packing within a container of given shape.
KeyZag is an interactively adjustable keyboard. It provides unique flexible zigzag arrangements of symbols, maintaining the familiar QWERTY layout, symbol shapes and the same key spreading distances regardless of device orientation and size of a keyboard.
KeyZag supports languages based on Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Hindi alphabets. It also support full
set of Emoji emoticons.
KeyZag utilizes an advanced method of input recognition. Depending on input statistics, it adjusts sensitivity of individual symbols and reduces the number of misprints.
KeyZag supports simple gestures for input of controls, symbols and capital letters without switching layouts.
Large buttons of the KeyZag keyboard are eminently suitable for kids and people with low vision and motoric problems.

GOOGLE PLAY : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.rl.android.spkey
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