APEX it is!


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Jan 13, 2012
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Some APEX notes from a fan.
I started running APEX because after extensive searching through experience after experience it had the best reputation for speed and stability. To date I have not encountered a single app this rom won't handle better than the most recent OTA for the Droid X on Verizon or other roms making it also very compatible. One thing I should mention if your planning to use APEX is to follow the directions and you will have a perfect install every time. Like other roms clearing your cache is a must. If you like to game on your Android such as I do the Chainfire 3D app is about the only thing you'll need to benefit from this rom's speed and power. I finished the game 9 mm by Gameloft in record time because the gameplay was so smooth it was like holding a decent console gaming system in my hands. I've hit this rom with everything I could and I have yet to be disappointed. I would recomend this rom over other's due to it's almost 100% complete functionality plus it's ease of use. I personally am sending the developer $20.00 and I'm pretty broke right now but this rom developer deserves it!

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