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Mar 1, 2011
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So, I have the APEX 1.4.1 on my droid x, thing is when i installed it i only backed up my data, didn't wipe anything as I'm now learning should have been done after watching some youtube vids. If i run a factory reset/wipe data on my phone now, after creating another backup before reinstalling my rom, it won't brick my phone correct? and i should do this everytime i use a rom? This is my first attempt at putting custom roms on my Droid, and my first droid at that. Been a blackberry storm 2 user for a couple years.

Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it.

Also, some of the widgets, like the toggles, don't look anything like the ones I've seen in screen shots, is this because i didn't do something right? Also the APEX toolbox didn't show up when i attempted to access it via terminal emulator.
you should always wipe data/cache when switching ROMs. after you make a backup, wipe data/cach and you can switch ROMs with no problem

i cant remember what the toggles look like in apex, but they should be the gingerbread power control widget which looks slightly different from the stock froyo power control widget. however many people use widgetsoid from the market, you can make a lot of different toggles with different colors and such.

to get into the toolbox, open up terminal
typ "su" (enter)
it will grant super user permissions
then type "apextoolbox" (enter) and it should work...if not, something is wrong.
Okay, here's what i've done this morning. I backed up my phone, wiped cache, and did a factory reset. Installed the APEX zip file from my sd card, booted, rebooted, and restored only my data.

I expected this to take care of everything, my app store looks different now, as well as my background. However, my there are just some areas that don't look any different, and i can't get my CPU to run over 1000mhz, what am I doing wrong? I feel like only certain parts are getting altered, but the device is running choppier right now.
Dont restore data...wipe data and cache, flash again, and go from there.

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