Another ringtone issue


Jun 2, 2010
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Apologies for creating another thread, but the main one seems to grow about 15 posts an hour....

When I go to change my default ringtone, the android system is not presented as an option to do that. I have installed a couple of third party ringtone pickers, but none of those seem to allow me to select tones from the physical memory, only stuff I have on the sd card.

There are ringtones I have always had (including with gummy) that I seemingly cannot get to without the android system app (if app is an accurate term for it), and I have no idea why this would not be showing up, my D2 freind says his works fine. I have to wonder if this is related to the issue that I had when my apps would not auto-restore from the market when I first installed (I had to restore everything manually from my titanium backups). As it is right now I can only select mp3 ringtones off of my sd card.

If I have to redownload and re-install again I will, but I did do that twice already, followed all instructions (this is not my first walk in the park) and saw the same issue with the apps both times. Please help me.