gmail ringtone/vibrate mode

Jan 6, 2010
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I saw a few threads on this, but nothing has fixed my issue. I'm trying to use one of the mp3's on my sd card as a ringtone for email notification. I've tried both rings extended and tone picker. when i'm in my gmail settings, under notifcation >select ringtone I have the option of choosing the android system, or the app. when i chose tone picker it does a force close. same for rings extended. am i missing something?

also, when its on vibrate mode, is there an option/app to extend the vibration. I like the choices in handcent, the multiple vibrations or the short/long vibrations. when the phone is in my pocket, the 2 short vibrations that gmail has makes it hard to catch the emails sometime.

When it says "Notification" you have to set it as Notification.

Ringtones are seperate.

You can

1) Save it as Notification intead of Ringtones in RingDroid

2) make a Notifications folder on the SD Card, and put/copy the ringtone you want to use as Notifications into it. (Mine is: Media\Audio\Notifications).

Then they will show up. Might have to mount via USB and Unmount for the phone to parse the SD Card though. I was told shutting the phone off and back on also works.

AFAIK there is no setting to vibrate more than once.
Smart Vibrator is an app that allows you to make your own custom vibes. Maybe this is what you're looking for?