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Jan 1, 2015
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carbonn A26
The touch screen on my carbonn A26 is all messed up. It works well most of the time, but when it glitches up my phone becomes useless. The problem is that the phone does not respond to touch some of the time. In other words, I cannot answer a call, look up contacts, or pull down my alert bar. When my phone is acting up, I can't slide the pages left or right, or even dial numbers. When I press *611, I get 486 or 949, or sometimes nothing at all. The problem is intermittent...pls help...urgent
Does the phone get really hot?
This sounds like a digitizer failing to me. Might try a FDR. May need to reflash it. Not a motto guy here
I was thinking that or maybe something like the phone getting hot enough to softened solder.
If he has it in direct sunlight with no cooling...then it is definitely an option. There are some instances this will happen after multiple OTA's without an FDR as well
That's right!! I always seem to forget those.

I have a TWRP backup called STOCK that I flash back to the phone from time to time.
It's ok! ;)
I once saw an S4 that looked like it was a jet pilot's HUD! Green numbers and weird lines. That was from a virus thou I believe. It was fixed by reloading the device 2x.
It's overheating...and allows the phone to cool off. I would reflash to stock. But a Factory Data Reset might do the trick!
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If you use your phone while it is charging it is more likely to overheat. I would let the phone cool down. An FDR might do the trick!!