All sorts of issues with my Incredible...


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Jan 14, 2011
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I've almost renamed my Incredible the Somewhat Impressive... anyway, here's what's up.

It's on the VZW network, I got the phone new in August. It's been pretty good since then but lately here are the problems I've been experiencing:

-The power button has been acting funny. A week ago it wouldn't turn on (the phone was on, but the button would not light up the screen). I fixed it by doing a battery pull but now its new thing is it takes two or three presses of the button to flicker on and it will also light up by itself. Any idea what this is?

-Every now and then it randomly deletes all of my text messages. I text with the phone more than anything and I have the 200 messages per thread limit set so... I don't know why it does that.

-Lastly, it will jump around from screen to screen as if I'm just touching the screen randomly and at a rapid pace. If I hit one icon, it jumps to another or to a totally different screen.

I generally charge it every night and lately I've been using the Easy Tether app for internet on my laptop. Ever since I've had a phone I've been in the habit of completely shutting it off when I go to sleep. I did that with the Incredible to start but then I started to wonder if it's a phone I should be turning on and then off once a day... don't know if that makes any difference.

So can anyone tell me what might be up? Do I have a dud here or are there some things I can do to get it back in shape?? Thanks!!!


Jun 4, 2010
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The 2nd and 3rd things are both things I have experienced, but rarely. They are both known issues with this phone that don't usually happen often enough to cause a big uproar.

Afaik the best option for the 2nd issue is to simply back up and restore your texts regularly. I use SMS Backup & Restore for this, it works perfectly.

I sometimes get the 3rd issue, maybe once a month? Usually to fix it I just do several swipe related actions to "recalibrate" the touch sensitivity. This includes swiping between home screens, swiping the optical sensor, turning the screen off and on, etc. I usually can fix it in like 5 secs by doing this.