ADB doesn't see device


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Mar 24, 2011
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I'm trying to load a different boot animation. I had an HTC 2.1 android for a few weeks (but due to signal problems I returned it)

I picked up a droid X today, and I'm having trouble using ADB. I installed the SDK, the motorolla drivers, and set my droid to PC mode, mass storage, and media player sync. I tried following guides I found on google, but no dice. I was able to get my HTC to work fine out of the box.

Also, How do I turn whatever is causing verizon to pop up to download the Vcast media manager off? Thanks!

why is there a :blackberry: logo? I'm about to go take a baseball bat to mine...

Edit - I am a moron, forgot to turn on app debugging... Nevermind
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