Verizon Thunderbolt: having trouble syncing Media with my Laptop

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Jun 5, 2011
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I'm trying to sync my music from my laptop to my Thunderbolt via Windows Media Player, but it stops recognizing my phone after 2-3 seconds. The time WMP stops recognizing my phone coincides with the time it takes for the "CD Drive [G:] Verizon Mobile" to replace the "My HTC Phone" in the "My Computer" window.

Right after WMP stops recognizing my phone it also brings up an AutoPlay window that tell me to install some drivers. When I tried to do that it tried to install some crappy VCast Media program and I DO NOT want to use Verizon's crappy programs. I want to use Windows Media Player.

Is there anyway to circumvent Verizon's stuff and sync my media via Windows Media Player?
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