Syncing music problem


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Jan 21, 2011
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I'm trying to get an mp3 file from my computer onto my Droid 2. The instructions I've found on the web say to connect the Droid 2 to my computer via USB cable, touch the notification for USB Connection, and then touch "mount" or something along those lines. However, when I touch the notification, there is no option remotely like "mount".

The Media Share app advised me to connect my Droid 2 to my computer by USB, set the "USB mode" to Windows Media Sync, and then sync my files with Windows Media Player. However, Windows Media Player doesn't recognize my device. If USB mode is set to USB mass storage, then Windows Media Player recognizes it, however, it displays a bunch of folders and I don't know where to put a music file.

Does anyone know what's going on?