LG LUCID 4G - [Some] Media files not shown in directory or media player.


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Jun 3, 2012
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I have ~14g of music on my SD card, and only half of it shows up. When I check the music directory with my computer, everything is there.

1. The music files that aren't shown are not nested too deep.

2. I already cleared SD media storage and created a new database -- did not help.

3. Files not only missing in media player, but I cannot see them in Astro (file browsing app). I can, of course, see the files that are available in the default music player.

I looked through a few similar threads and tried some of the fixes to no avail.

Deleted all media and currently returning it all to my SD card, but it likely won't help.

If it matters, I backed up all of my itunes music to one folder (thank Science for this utility), put this music into WMP, and then synced to the phone from there.

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to mention, I did of course try "pulling the battery." :icon_ banana:

edit 2\
I have found that some of the files are just losing band names, and I have to search the album. However, there is still a large amount of music that won't show up at all, even if i look for the individual song. One album, for example, is '...And Your Fathers Are Dead In The Ground', and it may have something to do with the folder beginning with a series of periods.

Is there a good music player available (with a 4-space widget) that will properly recognize album names/band names etc of media files (WMP and itunes both seem to have it right)?