I'm having problems with my music.


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Sep 28, 2012
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Venezuela, Barquisimeto
Hello, I have a Motorola Droid Razr XT910. It is factory unlocked and I'm using it with Movistar/Venezuela.
Here's the problem: In my windows Media Player/Itunes my music has their photo covers of their
Respective albums. And I really like my music that way. But when I syncronize my phone with the media player
The music in the phone doesn't have any cover photo! Just some ramdom albums and I don't understand?
What's wrong? I always.sincronize my music in the Sd card (16Gb) because i don't have room in the internal
Storage.. does anybody know what's happening? Ps: i don't use motocast I hate it.
PSS: when I syncronize my music with my old iPhone with itunes in the phone all the music has their Photo covers!

Oh and sorry for any mistake. Spanish is my first lenguage.
okay. nobody knows whats wrong.. but well i found a solution. I used the Double Twist app and well it worked.. the original music player of my phone is still without any cover. but the double twist has them! :icon_eek: dancedroiddancedroiddancedroid