Music Player Splitting Albums and Missing Album Art


Dec 22, 2010
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New Jersey
With all of the more serious issues, I am hoping to get these much less important issues fixed.

I took some CD's from my collection and ripped them down to mp3 files using Windows Media Player on a Windows 7 machine. When a disc is ripped, the resulting folder contains all of the tracks from the CD and the CD cover art, in one folder. I will copy the one CD's folder into the Music folder on the SD card. When I go into music player, it shows two folders with the same artistname and album title, but some of the songs reside in one folder and some files in in another. It's all one directory on the memory card. Also where do the CD cover images go to allow them to appear. Some CD's show the cover art and some don't. I am trying to figure out what's wrong. The album title and author are the same in the metadata of the mp3 files.