Having problems with the music player on the lucid


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Sep 14, 2013
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I have the lucid android.

I place the music from my computer in media player on my sd card and a lot of my music won't show up. I looked at the file types and I don't think it's a problem with them (but what do I know?)

Also it will put certain artists in the unknown or various artists folder thing when on my computer all the information is there. I downloaded an app called sdrescan but it didn't help.

Also, a little side question about apps, I tried to delete some of the extra apps my phone came with (like amazon, imdb, etc.) and my phone said that if i deleted them my phone may not work properly. Is that true?

Thank you!
For the music issue try installing JetAudio. It does a great job of finding all the music on your phone even on the external storage.

As for your second question you may be trying to disable them and that probably won't hurt but remember you did that if something doesn't work as expected. Some apps are dependent on other ones. If you aren't rooted you can't uninstall stock apps the phone came with.