Music Player Help for Large Music Collections


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Jun 9, 2010
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Phone: Motorola Droid
Operating System: Android 2.1

Question: Using the default Music Player, is it possible to view all Songs by an Artist when browsing "Artists"?

Issue: In "Artists" view, Music Player displays all non-album-tagged tracks as an album called "Music" but does not separate them from all tracks. For example, I have 3 songs by artist "311". When I expand "311" it says "Music 3 of 2,322 songs" and when I click that I see a list of all 2,322 songs on my device. How do I see just the songs by "311"? Furthermore, even if I tagged all 2,322 mp3s on my Droid with Album data (which would be a long, tedious, and error filled process ... even with an application), I still would want to see a list of all tracks by "311" when expanding that Artists, and not have to search through different Albums to find a Song.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Does anyone know if this is fixed in Android 2.2?

Thank You!
I'd like to know how to CLOSE the default music player it's driving me nuts :blackdroid: