No ADB section in Device Manager


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Feb 7, 2013
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I was not sure where I should post this, so I apologize now if i am in the wrong section of the Forum.

Here is the issue:
I was looking into rooting my phone. I have a Droid Bionic with ICS(I am gonna assume that is general knowledge). I have read through a lot of different guides for rooting phones and seems simple enough. In just about all of the guides I have read, there is an important section in device manager in which your phone is supposed to show up in(assuming all of the drivers are installed properly). I do not have that section in device manager. There are no ! devices. USB is in debug mode and it is set to MTP. I will include a screenshot of my device manager with the areas where my phone does show up in. Steps I have taken:

Screenshot:View attachment 60483

Restarted both computer and phone multiple times.
Changed settings in phone and restarted it.
Ensured I had the most updated version of Motorola device manager. Updated accordingly.
Checked to make sure Drivers for phone were current.
Took a break to eat a delicious chocolate chip cookie .
Checked over six different forums to try and find relating issues.

I have not tried doing a factory restore as I do not feel that that is why I do not have a ADB section in my Device Manager. I would appreciate some assistance on this. I am an IT Professional so it is a bit embarrasing that i can not figure this out on my own. Again, I apologize if this is in the complete wrong section of the site forum board. Thank you for any assistance.


Ok so I turned my phone off and help volume down and power at the same time. In fastboot my device manager created a section for ADB devices. It still does not come up when the phone is turned on. Tried rooting using this site's method Still working to get this figured out and will continue to add updates as I get further along.
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