A video has APPEARED in my Gallery ...


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Mar 28, 2011
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And I have no idea how it got there ....

It's some dude talking about a machine or something in a lab coat and he's using a lot of very big technical terms. I don't know, I think he's just making up stuff to be honest ....

ANYWAY how in the **** did this video get on my phone? Is this some kind of secret message from Verizon? WTF lol.
Post to YouTube and link to it. It's a must-see. Very strange though.

by the beard of Zeus
Sounds like the turbo encapsulator video :) It made the rounds through email and youtube a few times. Maybe it was in an email you received and it saved?
Could have something to do with android syncing with a Picasa account? Any photos or videos you have in your Picasa account will automatically sync with your phone. Maybe it's picking up some random video from some other account for some reason?...
Yeah sounds like the turbo encapsulator video but I still don't know how it got on my phone. I don't have a Picasa account or anything like that. But the only thing I can think of is that it sync'd with something ... still weird ... I was initially worried someone hacked my phone lol.
A. Was your phone a warranty replacement?
B. Did anyone else have your phone in their hands for a few minutes?
C. Think back to last Tuesday, any missing time you can't account for?