Droid video uploads

I go to Gallery, Camera Videos, then when i see video i want to share i long press it then a drop down box comes up, then i select share. Then you can send video by selecting gmail, messaging or upload to youtube. hope this helps
Change Video Quality for MMS

While in Video mode bring up the menu and there you have an option for MMS quality video OR SD quality video. Should help manage the size of file and make easier to send / post.
Every phone I've ever owned/seen/heardof doesn't even come close to have the opton of sending these types of vids. Wondering y your dissapointed...

I assume you tried to type "wondering why you're disappointed.

If that's a correct assumption, I can give you a couple of reasons why a reasonable person might be disappointed with those findings.

1) This phone ain't like every phone you've ever owned/seen/heardof. It's brand new, with a brand new OS, and a lot of brand new stuff in it.

2) If the phone isn't designed to do all that stuff, why then do those options show up in the menus, hmmmmm?

We all know fixes are forthcoming soon, and maybe some of this stuff will be addressed, but it would have been much more elegant to have included some of these limitation in the documentation, such as it is, so we don't all have to be beta testers. So again, and I agree with the OP, when I discovered what he's reporting, I too was disappointed.

Just to test I sent a 5 min video set to high quality to YouTube right now. Sure it needs wifi because its a huge file.
"Sure it needs to be wifi?" Where does it say anything about that? Why haven't we been told what the file size limitations are so we don't have to find out by trial and error? Not a lot to ask, and it's very annoying, and a really big waste of time.

I like the phone, and I think it has potential. But don't be so quick to go negative when people get annoyed by details that limit what it can do but aren't documented. If it's in the menu, it ought to work. Period.
tryng to upload a 5min video (Chef Dan"the man") to you tube...lets see!
Filmed this with my Droid.

I might have found an exploit. For the video issue. I uploaded this without Wifi.

When it said "waiting for wifi" I just went and tried to connect to some of my locked down wifi signals at work. I never connected to any of them and next thing I know it says it's uploading.

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Sodathief, pretty good beatboxing going on there. You had me fooled for a second. Haha, props man.
ty, heres another not filmed with my droid:
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So why could I record and SEND all my videos from my Dare and NOT from this Droid??? Very very frustrating!
uploading error

Having error message after I go through all the wifi settings, says it is uploading gets to the very end and then says it failed. I hit retry, screen says uploaded but they are not on my YouTube account(I did sign in from the website and tried it that way too) any suggestions?
While in Video mode bring up the menu and there you have an option for MMS quality video OR SD quality video. Should help manage the size of file and make easier to send / post.

this is a good thing to know, thank you!

But how can we take existing videos in the gallery and make the lower-rez so they can be MMS/gmail-able. With your tip, it looks like I can downgrade the capture of video moving fwd....but not for existing videos in the gallery.

WiFi doesn't seem to help me. I have a 25.5 MB video that's really cute of my nieces that I want to share.

Isn't there a way I can just extract the video from Droid to my laptop and then use it on there? How do you get imagery/video off of the droid and onto a laptop? Sorry if this is a dumb question I am a bit new to this!

Also agree it would be nice to have an option to share with Facebook like you can with pictures.
Sodathief nice display, guess tech can't make up for bad taste in music, lol! just kidding. I have also came across the size limit. From where i live my 3g runs about 1.2mb per second yet it won't send large files over 3g period, I have to record them and later hook it up to my computer and send them over my home network. I can still send small files to places like facebook and youtube but not large ones. It's disapointing that these new phones are still being limited by bandwidth limitations held by older phones. especially when we have to pay a premium for having them.
Took tip from previous post and have used QIK and then uploaded to Facebook using my regular PC. QIK creates file that you can manage from your PC. Not too bad. Still don't knoiw how to zoom with video.
DROID upload vids to Facebook

I upload my HIGH quality videos to Pixelpipe which posts them right to my twitter and FACEBOOK, picasa box.net ... whatever u want. they have lots of "Pipes"

i too was frustrated. Whats the point of taking awesome quality videos if you can't upload to FB. well now you can.

"Supported services include Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger, Twitter, Photobucket, TwitPic, Foursquare, yfrog, Evernote, etc"

Lite Version

and Pro (i have this one)