upload droid video to Youtube.

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Mar 9, 2010
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Bakersfield, Ca.
When I try to upload a video to youtube it says "waiting for WiFi connection" and won't upload.. Why? Why doesn't it just upload via the Verizon service?
Because it's waiting for wifi

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It's set up so that it has to transfer large video files over wifi to keep the data transfer numbers down.
i can't stand it.. it drives me nuts. my 3g up speeds are almost as fast as most wifi ups. so i don't get it.

i have asked under the hack forum and nothing. i really wish there was a work around.
So how do we connect to wi-fi to do this. It's one of my questions too..
connect to wifi? just check the wifi box under setting, wifi and wait till it scans for a network and touch the one you want to connect to.