A little review of the Droid Maxx vs the LG G2

I am going to get one of these phones, but with a two year contract. That makes me think the G2 is the better phone because of the semi-future proof specs, Snapdragon 800, 1080p, etc. Besides from the screen and processor these are practically the same, 32 gb, huge batteries, etc. Anyone with the Maxx think the specs will be comparable to those of phones 2 years from now?

From all of the research I did on both of these phones (as well as the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4), I would still put the Droid Maxx ahead of the G2. I know the G2 has a "faster" processor and a 1080p screen; however, when it comes to battery life, you just can't beat the Droid Maxx. I'm even extremely happy with my photos on it. The speed between the two phones is barely distinguishable. The Droid Maxx has wireless charging, touchless control, and lots of other goodies that make it a great phone. Yes, the camera seems to be sub par in comparison to the other phones, but I'm a photographer and I am not unhappy with the camera on my Droid Maxx. Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with either of the phones. It's all a matter of individual preference and how the phone feels in your hand, etc. My experience having LG phones over the years has not been very good. I trust the support from Motorola (now owned by Google) far more than I do LG's. Just my opinion. I will say that one aspect of the camera that I LOVE is that I can touch anywhere on the screen to take a picture (i.e., I don't have to find the little round button area!). It makes taking photos so much easier. Here are a few photos I've taken with my Droid Maxx:

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Thanks for quick reply. I see what you are saying with not trusting LG. LG and Samsung have copied many features, some protected with patents, from each other and other manufacturers. I think I will go with the Maxx, because Motorola is a good company and I have had a good experience with some of their other phones.
Were you able to see the photos I uploaded? I honestly think that although Motorola is not known for having the best camera, the photos are still pretty decent! Since I'm such a photo nut, believe me when I say that the importance of a phone's camera came second only to the importance of battery life. However, in addition to excellent (and I do mean excellent... and I use my phone A LOT!) battery life, the sound quality of my phone can't be beat. I trust Motorola to always come through when it comes to offering a very stable environment. Do they offer all of the bells & whistles you'll find in some other brands (such as Samsung or HTC)? No. But they give me what I need, and to be honest... I'm buying a phone because it's a phone! :)
Yes, I was able to see the pics, very nice. Looking back at this thread, someone ran a network speed test and that is one of most important things of a phone. I knew that Motorola used good radios, but with a flagship like the G2, it should be closer. I use a lot of data, so that is important to me. Thank you to all of the contributers of this thread, I feel I am making the right decision with the Droid Maxx.
Good to hear all of these positive comments about Maxx. I've got one on order. Even with possible new phone announcements at MWC next week I'm satisfied with
my order based on much trolling of forums, reading reviews and asking questions of owners on many forums.
Thanks to all who posted opinions and results. Made my decision easier.
Thank you all for this thread. No sense in creating a new one with it here...

My Galaxy Nexus has been dropped today and has a nice crack along the screen. While still fully functional, it's past its prime and the battery life is abysmal (on 4G with 100% charge I can get around 2 hours tops with background data syncing, and moderate use before it is almost dead.)

SO...after reading all the reviews, it really sounds like it comes down to preference between these 2 phones.


1. Are there actual cpu/performance benchmarks out there that can be used to compare them? Is the G2 simply the better phone if 8 hours of battery life is sufficient?
2. Right now Best Buy has the G2 for free (upgrade) and Amazon has the Maxx for $69 (upgrade). While $69 isn't much at all, free is better. (I don't care to spend $200+ on one of the newest phones right now) Is the Maxx really worth $69 vs the G2 going for $0? Is the demand simply there more for the Maxx (which could be a sign it is the better phone)?

I will go look at both in person, but for someone coming from OG Droid to Galaxy Nexus to now choosing between one of these, I wish I could say it was a clear cut choice but both have me wanting them for different reasons so it is crazy hard without seeing them in person which to choose.