Better "Favorutes" widget?


Oct 22, 2010
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I came to the G2 from a Moto RAZR MAXX. I really like the G2 but miss many of the Moto's features. Besides the top-notch car dock and associated car app, I really liked the Favorites widget. I'm currently using the G2's widget, but this one will not allow me to shrink it to a 1 row widget and the header Bar saying "Favorite contacts" is just taking up space. Further, it organizes the favorites alphabetically, which is ok, but the Moto one allowed organizing by anyway you wished--like most called. I could put my 5 most called contacts on the home screen. Also, with the Moto widget, pressing on a displayed images in the widget called the contact, swiping down opened to reveal all the favorites. Is there any other widget out there as small and simple? Or better yet, any way to get the Moto widget on to a G2?
Go to Google Play Store, search for ExDialer&Contacts is a free app. Check it out and if you are happy with it pay for ExDialer Pro Key. Good luck.

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