A few issues


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Oct 18, 2011
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Hey everyone, I'm on CM7.1.1 and have been on it for awhile now. I've started to notice a few problems recently and wanted to note them to see if anyone had similar problems, answers, and/or suggestions to try to fix them.

First issue, Wifi/Data Sleep:
When my phone screen times out or is turned off, it seems both my data and my wifi go inactive and have to reconnect when I wake the phone to look up something. This has been the most aggravating of issues.

Second issue, Calling issues,
Every now and again when I call someone (noticeably with a particular number more than others, a land line, but also with some others from time to time) I am able to hear the person talk but they can't hear me. I hang up and call right back and there is no issue anymore.

Third issue, Multiple Texts
I've recently been receiving multiple copies of texts from other people. It's been random people and random times...I use handcent for SMS but this is a new issue (since I relocated to the Pittsburgh area, on Verizon FYI)

Those are the issues that I'm experiencing and some have been going on for longer but I like CM7 so much better than any of the other ROMs I've been on so I've just dealt with them. I figured it's about time to try to figure the issues out or if they are common...Any help would be appreciated.