3G/4G Icon Color Active/Inactive


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Sep 26, 2011
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I am just wondering what the color means for the 3G/4G Icon and the arrows. Here is what I know:

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This is a connected 3G and its inactive.

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White means not connected to Google? Sometimes one arrow is white, both are white, or just the 3G/4G is white. Does this mean my data is active? I havent noticed my data usage go up.

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Why is my data active when connected to wifi? Same case here: sometimes both or one arrow is the "active" light blue even when Im connected to wifi. The only way to get it to the normal dark blue for both arrows is to restart my phone. My Bionic is rooted, I use AntTek App Manager to freeze unwantable apps, and I use Gemini App Manager to configure the autorun for my apps.

Thank you.