WiFi Data Lost After ICS Ugrade


Oct 4, 2011
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My wife's Bionic is not rooted and after the ICS release, she cannot get data over WiFi. That is, after entering the password key a connection is established but data cannot be sent or received. Browser does not open any pages.

The top notification bar shows both WiFi and 4G connections but both icons are white and not blue. When WiFi is disconnected, the 4G icon turns blue and data resumes normally. I performed a battery pull a couple times, turned WiFi on/off, deleted the the previous connection and started over without a change of results. As soon as I turn on WiFi the blue 4G icon immediately turns white along with the white WiFi icon and no data.

Oddly enough FoxFi (paid version) works just fine, though every so often the phone has to be rebooted to get a FoxFi connection. But, from what I've read, it's kind of normal for that app.

VZW attempted to help with doing the same things, but in Safe Mode to no avail. Their advice was to perform a factory reset.

Anyone have any ideas before I go down that road?