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Nov 28, 2011
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Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.You are now chatting with 'Travis'
Travis: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
Travis: I haven't heard from you in a while. Would you like to continue chatting?
tom: Hello
tom: yes
tom: i went into verizon in coronado California today with my wife
tom: we switched her phone on line ### ### ####. from a droid Razr to a Droid 2
tom: her data plan was 4GB and now he checked her usage on her Droid 2 and its now 2GB
Travis: That is because the double data is only for 4G LTE phones.
tom: It would be great if the rep in the store would notify us of these changes In the Store
Travis: I apologize.
tom: np its the standard
tom: when she upgrades her phone in about a year if its a 4g phone will she get her 4GB plan back?
Travis: If the deal is still going on yes.
tom: great
tom: is there a way i can file a complaint
Travis: When did you switch her phone?
tom: today
tom: about 5 hours ago
Travis: Ok you can take it back and get the Razr back.
tom: she doesnt want the razr back. she switched cause she wanted to use a slider keyboard phone
Travis: Well we have the Droid 4.
Travis: Basically the Razr with a slide out keyboard.
tom: but we would have to buy that at full price
Travis: You would pay the difference.
tom: so i could bring in her Razr and ask for a droid 4 and since the razr is retal of 600 and the droid 4 is retail of 550 we could get her a droid 4?
Travis: I believe the price is based off the 2 year price.
tom: so what would we have to pay if we walked into the store tomorrow to get her a Droid 4?
Travis: I do not have that information.
tom: so what did you mean by pay the difference?
Travis: Basically say it is a $200 phone and you get a $400 phone you pay the extra $200.
tom: so say it is a $200 phone and i get a $150 phone
Travis: You will get $50 back.
tom: so the razr is $50 more then the droid 4 if i bring her razr in tomorrow i can get the droid 4 and $50 back even though the razr has been used?
Travis: I thought you said you traded in her Razr for the Droid 2?
tom: no, i bought a droid two and switched the line over from her Razr to the Droid 2
Travis: How long have you had the Razr?
tom: 5 months
Travis: I am sorry. You can take the Droid 2 in but they will not trade the Razr.
tom: there no 2 year plan value for the droid 2 any more so would we have to pay the $150 2 year price for the droid 4
Travis: That I do not know.
Travis: Did you buy the Droid 2 from verizon?
tom: nope.but we bought the razr from verizon so if we put that phone back on her line could we then
Travis: Not with 5 months of it. This is a 14 day return policy.
tom: ahh magical
tom: so what you're telling me is that there is no way for you to help me get my 4gb plan back
tom: and have a phone with a key board
Travis: The only way is to get a 4G LTE phone. And from what we have talked about you are looking at paying full price for a phone.
tom: okay so back to my original question, is there any way for me to file a complaint

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Jan 4, 2011
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This is why I called and asked BEFORE I got a new phone.
And I never rely on what the dopes in the store tell me. Contact verizon via email - then they call you back. They generally will bend over to fix things. At least they have for me.


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Feb 21, 2011
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Gotta love em. It all depends, sometimes you'll have great ones that really help you out. I remember one time I bricked my phone with a dead battery, so I brought it in and asked them to charge my battery- I even told them that it was rooted and rommed, and they just replaced it completely.... The rep even got manager approval, and I was like LOL its rooted, all i need is a charged battery.

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Nov 28, 2011
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Ty ill try giving them a call

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