1. DroidModderX

    Galaxy S9 Battery Life Real Life Review

    In this video we take a look at real life battery life on the Galaxy S9. I've been using the phone for the past few weeks. This is what you can expect when it comes to battery life on the Galaxy S9.
  2. DroidModderX

    The LG V30 POLED Display Suffers From Uniformity Issues

    LG has been using LCD displays in their flagship devices for years. Some folks prefer the more natural colors that these displays provide however they don't get nearly as bright as OLED displays and are more difficult to see in bright sunlight. LG has finally decided to switch over to an OLED...
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    Hands On Image Of The LG V30

    The hype has been real over the last week as Samsung has officially announced the Note 8 yet many of you have said you are far more excited for LG's next phablet device the LG V30. We are getting closer to their official unveiling and now we have a hands on image of the device. The image was...
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    DxOMark Dishes Out Their OnePlus 5 Score

    Just before the launch of the OnePlus 5 Carl Pei announced that they would be working with DxOMark to make the best possible camera for the device. What that sounded like to me is, "We will be tweaking our camera to get the best DxOMark score possible." Many people assumed this would generate a...
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    Using The OnePlus 5 On Verizon.

    I finally received my "early drop" edition of the OnePlus 5. One of the first things I just had to do was insert my Verizon sim to see if it would work. We already know that OnePlus did decide to include limited CDMA support so theoretically it should sort of work on Verizon. It is missing LTE...
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    The OnePlus 5's Reported Specs Make It a Genuine Flagship Killer

    OnePlus has fancied their devices as flagship killers over the years. The main selling point has been high end specs for reasonable prices. This year The OnePlus 5 may be the best example of that philosophy. While the phone is set to be announced in less than a week some of the specs are already...
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    OnePlus Wants To Let You Test Out The OnePlus 5

    The hype train is already in full swing for the OnePlus 5. We have already found out that OnePlus is working with DxOMark to create the best possible camera experience for the OP5. Now OnePlus is looking to prove just how great their OP5 camera really is. They will be offering the chance to test...
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    Moto Z2 Play Shown Off In First Unboxing Video!

    In the video below we see the Moto Z2 Play in an unboxing. The phone comes loaded with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage. This video also shows that the phone will come with a 3000mah battery. Earlier leaks had mentioned a 2820mah battery. The phone also features a 5.5" FHD display and Moto...
  9. DroidModderX

    Marques Actually Got His Hands On The MI MIX

    I have no idea why Xiaomi released the "concept" images of the MIX. They already have versions of the phone produced apparently. MKBHD was able to get some hands on with the device. It is not completely bezeless, but instead is is virtually bezeless. You can barely see it. The phone will be on...
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    Can BlackBerry Get Back In The Game With Their Latest Android Device?

    I remember Blackberry's hay day. For some reason I was never really a fan. When blackberry phones were for the cool kids I was trying to get my hands on the RAZR. My wife went through her share of Blackberry phones. I guess when Apple revolutionized the phone industry with their version of a...
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    HTC 10 Spigen Cases For $2.99!

    No one really expected the HTC 10 to be very popular. That being said this phone is actually HTC's first solid device in many years. I actually really like it. Unfortunately the last two flagship devices HTC has released have absolutely bombed. That being said many case manufacturers are afraid...
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    You Could Review The OnePlus 3 Before It Releases!

    If you have always wondered what its like to get tech products early for review purposes now is your chance to find out! OnePlus is looking to generate some buzz by giving the community a chance to review the OnePlus 3. What is even cooler about this is that they will be shipping these "review"...
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    VIDEO- Note 5 Urban Armor Gear Case Review

    My favorite cases of all time have to be the Urban Armor Gear case series. I pretty much have a UAG case on all of my phones. I love the industrial look, and the rugged design. This case offers the protection of an otter box or a lifeproof case without being super bulky. The cases are military...
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    VIDEO- QY8 Budget Bluetooth Sport Headphones

    In this video we take a look at some bluetooth sport headphones that won't break the bank. While i was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality coming from these headphones, the quality is not the best i've ever heard. They do get decently loud. The reason they are budget is the build quality...